[linux-audio-user] FINALE -

Mikhail Ramendik mr at ramendik.ru
Sat Mar 6 11:15:54 EST 2004


Mark Knecht wrote:

>     Someone here was asking about fonts in Finale recently. FYI - There 
> is a note on the Wine-Users list this morning from someone who says they 
> have Finale displaying notes correctly under Wine, but are getting black 
> icons in the app itself.

The letter in wine-users is mine. And the icons that are lost are indeed
mostly the icons with notes. But the notes in the score are all right,
so it's probably not a maestro.ttf problem.

Looks like we have hit the same bug.

I have tried Finale Notepad 2003 and that seems to work fine. But
getting the 2002 version to run with correct icons would probably be yet

Yours, Mikhail Ramendik

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