[linux-audio-user] Re: FINALE 2000 - WINE ???

robcanning rscanning at eircom.net
Mon Mar 8 07:01:16 EST 2004


Thanks Mikhail for all these notes and to others on the list for their
suggestions - I'll give them a try soon.

I just have Finale finding the maestro font which i put in 

then i modified the wine conf file to look in that folder

I tried to get the midi working by putting the FINMIDI .dll files from
finale into /.wine/c/windows/system and now get the message in finale:

MIDI is not active unless you have Microsoft's Multimedia extensions
loaded. (The Multimedia extensions come with windows 3.1).

i wonder is trying to load these extensions in wine the correct approach
to getting the midi working??

any thoughts?

also i just tried finale 2002 but tip of the day seems to stop the
system responding



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