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> (Incidentally, it may be true that a lot of Finale or Sibelius users 
> might actually find they could do the same or better with other 
> software on Linux, depending on what they actually need.  But the 
> fact remains that there is no program on Linux similar to either, and 
> neither is there any mature project aiming to produce one.)

Is there any chance that some of that typesetting capability -- in
particular, the ability to print clean, organized sheet music for
distribution to others and performance use, with the ability to
adjust measures per line and mark repeats and alternate end bars and
so on -- will find its way into Rosegarden's notation editor and
printing facility?  I love Rosegarden, and I know you folks feel that
getting the stuff it was made to do correct before jumping into huge
new areas, and that seems like absolutely the right approach to me.
It's more of a "long-range intentions" kind of question -- do you have
in mind jazzing up the notation editor somewhere down the road?  Or
is that something that you see as so ancillary to Rosegarden's main
purpose that you can't imagine it getting much developer time?


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