Finale, was Re: [linux-audio-user] NoteEdit-2.5.0 : Octaviation (va-lines)

Jack O'Quin joq at
Sat Mar 13 11:04:33 EST 2004

Mikhail Ramendik <mr at> writes:

> > Almost any small project can benefit from good technical writing.
> > There are more good programmers than good writers, and many of the
> > best are not native speakers of English, which remains the common
> > language for most free software development.
> I'm also not a native speaker of English, but you won't notice it from
> my writing :) in fact I make a living writing in English for native
> speakers .

That's true!  With well-educated Europeans, sometimes the only way to
tell they're not native speakers is when they don't make a lot of the
grammar errors Americans generally do.  

Europeans study the language carefully, we don't.  I'm an exception,
because my mother was an English teacher.  :-)

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