[linux-audio-user] extreme time stretching

luis jure ljure at multitel.com.uy
Sun Mar 14 10:57:52 EST 2004

hello list,

a colleague of mine seems to be extremely interested in performing
exaggerated time stretching of audio files. i wrote a csound instrument
based on the new streaming phase vocoding opcodes by richard dobson.
adjusting window size, it can perform passable time stretching up to 6 or 8
times the duration of the original.

but this colleague would like to have much more than that. he told me in in
a visit to cologne he used a POD system, where he could stretch sounds up to
400 or 500 times...

my questions are: 

- which linux applications can stretch sounds with good quality up to let's
say at least 20 times?

- is there anything like POD for linux? anyone knows how POD does the
time-stretching? granular synthesis?

thanks as always.



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