[linux-audio-user] extreme time stretching

luis jure ljure at multitel.com.uy
Mon Mar 15 09:23:30 EST 2004

el Sun, 14 Mar 2004 18:33:31 +0100
Frank Barknecht <fbar at footils.org> escribió:

> Here is a quick'n'dirty example - without any finetuning of parameters
> for cleaner sound - using the snycgrain~ external in Pd:
> http://footils.org/snd/slow.ogg

thanks for your answer, it's a very interesting example, indeed. but i'm
afraid i don't use PD... :-(  i'm just an old-fashioned csound guy...

yes, i know that with granular synthesis you can in theory stretch any sound
infinitely, but i never could make it sound clean and well. i'm trying with
the fog opcode, but i'm not satisfied with the results. the phase vocoding
approach sounds much better, with long analysis windows and high number of
superpositions i get passable results up to about 15 times.

i'll also try ardour, as suggested.



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