powermac 7500 [was: Re: [linux-audio-user] ppc audio input..]

Michal Seta mis at creazone.32k.org
Mon Mar 15 11:13:23 EST 2004

I have a PPC7200, with 601e chip, it's similar to the original
poster's setup, minus the G3 upgrade.  I don't know about upgrade cards,
never tried it on a ppc, but this was my first linux machine with YDL
1999 and then YDL2000 (actually, before YDL1999 I had installed
MkLinux!, around 1997-98 and then linuxppc).  Obviously, I haven't upgraded in 4 years(!)
but it's still running, I use it mostly as a file server and for
burning CDs...  If I find my old keyboard I will prolly try to install
a newer distro...  

However, I was able to use audio, although in those days a lot of apps
had endianess issues. 

IIRC this was one of the first PCI machines apple did (I think 6400 &
6500 came first) and I believe that all PCI based powermacs will run

Haha, I think that this would make me a veteran apple hardware user for
sound applications.  All the other linux mac users didn't seem to be
interested in sound, beyond playing CDs and mp3 files.  ALSA was
nonexistent and I had to deal with OSS, and I believe I even purchased
the license for the full-duplex support.

I used to run MixedViews (or somesuch), csound, pd

<boring note>
I used to dual boot with MacOS8.6 and used to compare performance of
various apps.  Csound run better (faster) on that machine on linux
side (compared to csoundPPC) and Pd seemed more efficient than


Joe Hartley <jh at brainiac.com> writes:

> Beats me - there's an extensive compatibility section at the website
> I pointed you to.  Earliest I've run YDL on is a beige G3, and that's 
> fine, though I have never tried the audio on it.

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