[linux-audio-user] RE: Live audio sampler

Sampo Savolainen v2 at iki.fi
Tue Mar 16 06:47:45 EST 2004

If specimen is too complicated, I would suggest using a modular synth like

Here's a quick howto for galan:

 Per sample you have to create:

 1/2x Sampled voice (mono/stereo), attach the samples to these
 1/2x Randomaccess to realtime converter (mono/stereo)
  1 x Control

 To get anything out:
  1 x oss/alsa/jack output

 * Attach the sampled voice(s) to the randomaccess converter(s)
 * Attach the control to the converter(s) (bottom round thingy to the
   converters upmost round thingy)
 * Attach the converter(s) output (right side thingy) to the sound output
 * Create a button for the control (via the context menu new 

Then open the control panel (window->Show control panel)

Press the button in the control panel, and the sample will play.

You can add as many samples as you wish, just use different sources,
converters and controls for each sample.

(I used an old version of galan to do this, so there might be stereo
"sampled voice" plugins in the newer ones)


daniel.vincent at blueyonder.co.uk:

> Me:
> > Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a piece of
> software
> > that I can play samples from, as simple interface-wise as possible.
> Sampo:
> > How about specimen?
> > http://www.gazuga.net/
> Thanks Sampo
> Even Specimen is a bit overly complicated, I literally want to be able to
> trigger samples whilst playing keyboards etc if that makes sense. I've
> created somthing similar in VB for Windows, which is basically a grid of
> buttons, each one linked to a sound file, configurable by an ini file I
> keep with the executable. Obviously I'd like to do something similar
> under Linux.
> www.southlondonlive.org
> www.onionjack.com

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