[linux-audio-user] measuring sound volume

Mark Knecht mknecht at controlnet.com
Tue Mar 16 14:10:07 EST 2004

Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> Definitely
> So if a zone is 10 meters a minimum distance between systems would be 
> 100 meters?
> Could that be cut down to 50 to provide fusion at the edges of the zones?

We used to set up some large outdoor concerts here in California. Don't 
forget that there are timing differences based on where people are 
standing WRT each set of speakers. If someone is just beyond the second 
set they will hear both the main set on stage as well as the set close 
to them.

We used to set up all the speakers going in the same direction away from 
the stage and then digitally delay the later speakers by 1mS/foot that 
the two sets were separated. This worked really well and gave much 
better sound in the back of the area we were covering.

I would think this would be very easy with Jack and some little digital 
delay app running under Linux.


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