[linux-audio-user] Re: Can't have second port on Midisport 2x2 USB

Mirouf Linux mirouflinuxaudio at yahoo.fr
Fri Mar 19 04:13:39 EST 2004

> Mirouf Linux wrote:
> > I've got a Midisport 2x2 USB, which run with
> > EZbusmidi.
> > I've got few configuration problems:
> >
> > - With AlSA, i have to plug the interface after
> RedHat
> > had been launch, otherwise ALSA intervert the
> number
> > of my cards:
> The USB host driver get initialized, and loads all
> USB device drivers,
> before ALSA is initialized.
> Put the line:
> snd-usb-audio
> into the /etc/hotplug/blacklist file to prevent
> this.

This is the right thing to do, no more problem with
the usb and alsa, even if i let the midisport
connected to my pc, but I had to add in my

options snd-usb-audio enable=1 index=1
alias snd-card-1 snd-usb-audio

And, it must be after the the audio card

> > - With ardour, I set up my ardour.rc file like
> that:
> > Midi-port tag "Midisport" device=/dev/snd/midiC1d0
> ...
> >
> > It works, i've got MTC on port A, but i can't find
> the
> > device for port B. I tried midiC1D1, MidiC2D0 : it
> > doesn't work.
> Both ports are available under this file, but this
> is an internal file
> that should be accessed by the ALSA library only.
> You should configure your program to use ALSA MIDI
> ports named
> "hw:1,0,0" and "hw:1,0,1".  If your program doesn't
> support this, load
> the snd-virmidi driver, connect its ports to the
> 2x2's ports (with
> aconnect or kaconnect), and use the virtual ports in
> Ardour.  (If
> loaded as card #2, the files for these will be
> /dev/midi02 and
> /dev/amidi02.)
> > HTH
> Clemens

I tried to get work virmidi, because ardour isn't
using ALSA MIDI (it dont understand hw.... as a
device, for midi).
I added 2 virtuals midi ports in my /etc/modules.conf,
reboot : there was no problem with the initialisation,
but it doesn't work : no virtual midi port.

I will retry, i think i made a mistake, if it doesn't
work i will ask you again....

Thanks a lot Clemens, you save my MIDI!



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