[linux-audio-user] MiniKorg -> MIDI -> Mandrake 9.2 or Dynebolic

daniel.vincent at blueyonder.co.uk daniel.vincent at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Mar 22 12:27:33 EST 2004

Firstly, thanks to everyone who gave responses to my query regarding triggering samples. I'm looking into a number of the different options, and I think it's about time I worked out how to use pd!
I have a new challenge/question :-)
My latest purchase, a MicroKorg synthesiser, has MIDI connectors which I have hooked up to my soundcard's game port. I've set the required settings on the Korg, WTF do I do now? :-))))
I've had a quick Google around at documentation, but if anyone could recommend a good tutorial/book/site for setting this kind of thing up then I'd be much obliged!
I downloaded the new version of Dynebolic the other day. Another fine release, something that I'm regularly recommending to friends and fellow home recording geeks.
www.theparallelrise.co.uk (I'm the stupid looking one with the keyboards)
www.soundclick.com/theparallelrise (here's some we made earlier)
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