[linux-audio-user] [NYC local] The Technology Initiative at Flux Factory

Marco Scoffier marco at metm.org
Tue Mar 23 08:57:07 EST 2004


Flux factory in Queens, NY is hosting an installfest which will have a
focus on getting artists up and running with audio software on linux.
If anyone one on the list wants to come and help out you will be more
than welcome.  There is much interest in Ardour and in Pd. 

Also, if anyone has a cool demo, we have a projector and a PA for
discussing some of the possibilities of Free Software audio, and I would
be more than happy to share the stage with someone.

Of course if you need help getting something installed, 
then come on down.



Here is the announcement flux sent out last week:

The Technology Initiative @ fluxfactory.org

Sunday, March 28th 2-6pm - Install Fest & Linux Audio
For those who've always wanted linux running on their computers, but
never dared to install it alone. This is a great opportunity to learn
the basics and get started on how to improve your life with free
software! Marco Scoffier will also demonstrate using audio in a linux
based environment, covering certain programs. Bring your laptops, even
desktops (backup your files first!). 

Flux Factory is in Queens NY.  
Detailed directions and a map can be found here:

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