[linux-audio-user] Re : Poor SN ratio with high quality sound

Mirouf Linux mirouflinuxaudio at yahoo.fr
Wed Mar 24 04:50:50 EST 2004

>I follow this list from the digest, so I could have
>missed a critical 
>post. If 
>so, please point me to the thread. 
>I have two PCs I use almost exclusively for sound
>editing (with ReZound 
>highly recommended for its crossfade ability). I
>record classical music 
>on an 
>Alesis MasterLink at 96kHz/24 bits, so I have quite a
>SN ratio to begin 
>I need to edit the gaps between tracks where I want
to >preserve the 
>ambience.  Whether I use an RME Digi96 PAD or an
>M-Audio Delta 44, the 
>I get out of the sound editor is so low that I hear a
>lot of hum and 
>extraneous noise by the time I crank my amplifier's
>volume up enough to 
>what is between the pieces. This noise is _not_ there
>when I burn a 
>I assume this means I need to send a digital signal
>(preferably 96/24 
>lower) to an external DAC before sending the signal
to >my monitoring 
>Would someone be kind enough to explain how to get a
>signal out of a PC 
>is fully equivalent in S/N to the CD-Rs the computer
>can burn? 

You just have to get out a 16 bit 44,1khz signal, just
like on a cd. There is no use for you to have a 24/96
signal for monitoring and wondering all the time if it
would be the same on the CD... And I'm wondering if it
possible to get a 24/96 signal out with the RME...

If you wanna get digital out of the  RME, you've got
nothing to do, just plug the little cable converter on
the sub-d connector ont the board, and play music, the
monitoring stream is copy on the digital out by the

I don't know about the delta 44...



>Many thanks, 


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