[linux-audio-user] Re: [ANN] vsti v0.0.2

Daniel James daniel at mondodesigno.com
Wed Mar 24 12:21:55 EST 2004

> Actually, this is not a very revolutionary program. You have
> had the possibility to run vst instruments in linux since
> november/december 2002.

I had seen a screenshot or two before, but I think the point I was 
making is that new screenshots of this kind can be useful to show to 
people who are only familiar with proprietary software, and therefore 
take incompatibility for granted. 

To give an example, a few years ago it was not possible to use a Mac 
format floppy disc in a standard Windows machine (I don't know if 
that's still the case). The Windows machine would give the impression 
that the floppy was not formatted at all, and would prompt you to 
reformat and destroy your data. But if the Windows machine 
dual-booted with Linux, you could read the exact same Mac floppy on 
the same PC hardware, and copy over your Mac files to the Windows 

Now to you and me, who know what a filesystem is, that's handy but not 
a big deal. But to the Mac or Windows user who doesn't know, this is 
nothing short of miraculous - as if a natural law had been defied.

The same would apply to an easy to use VSTi host that works on a Linux 
box - because VST/VSTi users know that when you change platform, or 
go from OS 9 to OS X, you have to buy new versions of the plugins you 
already have.



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