[linux-audio-user] Beginner sampler questions

Chris Metzler cmetzler at speakeasy.net
Fri Mar 26 12:53:50 EST 2004

On Wed, 24 Mar 2004 09:33:00 -0800
Mark Knecht <mknecht at controlnet.com> wrote:
>Chris Metzler wrote:
>> One of the most obvious uses I can see for a sampler would be to
>> use it to provide instrumentation that the user doesn't know how
>> to play.  For instance, if I wanted to record myself on guitar
>> with a piano accompaniment, I could use a sequencer to write the
>> piano line and generate it through a sampler.  But that brings my
>> first question -- if you don't own/play the instruments in question,
>> where do you get the samples?  
> I buy them. My sampler of choice is (the now long in the tooth) 
> GigaStudio Ver 2.5x. (GSt) File format is *.gig. (Generally) 
> LinuxSampler will play many of them, and it's getting better all the
> time.

OK, I hadn't been aware that LinuxSampler was yet in a usable form,
to be honest.  I guess I reflexively figure that if something's only
available via CVS, it's probably not yet usable by non-programmers.
So I hadn't looked at it yet.  Thanks for the heads up.

> My one piece of advice, assuming you're going to tell me that you 
> don't have money, is to stay away from Sound Fonts converted to gig 
> format (whether you buy them or do it yourself) if you are looking for 
> the best results. You get what you pay for...

Except for with Linux!  But I know what you mean.  Many things, like a
better soundcard, are in the plans once I'm not, uh, underemployed.

> Good luck with your explorations,

Thanks muchly.


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