[linux-audio-user] snd-hdsp+cardbus=distortion -- the saga continues (cardbus driver=culprit?)

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Fri Mar 26 15:17:29 EST 2004


I know exactly how frustrated you are, because there are several mailing 
lists who archives are filled with the history of my own HDSP-sorrows. I 
did get it working eventually, so maybe I can help out.

ico at fuse.net wrote:

> ACPI and APIC are disabled due to BIOS issues with the laptop and because even with the pci=noacpi flag in lilo the system still freezes when inserting cardbus. I saw somewhere a kernel patch that would enable use of cardbus with a limited acpi presence (pci=noacpi) but have not tried using it just yet mainly since presence of acpi should not have any positive bearing on resolving this issue (if anything, it would make it even worse due to IRQ shuffling).

Is it necessary to be able to hotplug the PCMCIA card while the machine 
is running? I never do this, because I always get crashes. I also 
remember getting rather different results when using the acpi=no flag 
over the pci=noacpi flag. Recommended practice is to use pci=noacpi and 
leave the card in the slot all the time.

As I mentioned, my solution was to move to Gentoo. But you are correct 
when you point out that Tim's problem was present under Gentoo. My 
symptoms were a bit different of course, although one part of the saga 
did involve playing but distorted sound, it was a phase near the end... 
and the move to Gentoo helped to resolve it. I think at root, the base 
problem is in fact with either the cardbus controller or some 
configuration of it. If you'd like to see any particular config files, 
pls let me know [over the weekend, at least, after that I'm away for 
more than a week].

good luck,

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