[linux-audio-user] Beginner sampler questions

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Mon Mar 29 10:47:41 EST 2004

Pete Bessman wrote on Sat, 27-Mar-2004:

 > I've been thinking about the potential for this to happen.  What other
 > instruments are you using with RoseGarden, and what buffersize are you
 > using for JACK?  Specimen is designed to play jitter-free with large
 > buffers, but a consequence of this is that all notes will lag behind
 > by exactly the length of the buffer.  Apps which play notes as soon as
 > they get them won't appear to lag at all, but once you start using
 > larger buffer sizes (like 2048) things will start to sound funny.

Jitter-free is absolutely important over all else.  If you use
a large jack period, then there is no way around the latency when
triggered from realtime sequencer input.   However, the upcoming
midi-over-jack could solve some of these issues when the sequencer
supports it.

 > > But I haven't really cared about that so much, since once I liked
 > > the instrument sounds, my thought was to record the instruments
 > > individually into tracks in Ardour, and then adjust timing and
 > > relative gain there.
 > Eh... this is a nuisance, the necessity of which I'd like to
 > eliminate.
No reason to eliminate this, Ardour is capable of adjusting the
recorded region offsets automatically based on the jack input
port latencies (which include clients like specimen).


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