[linux-audio-user] Sample search

Free Ekanayaka free78 at tin.it
Mon Mar 29 12:29:23 EST 2004

>>>>> On Fri, 26 Mar 2004 16:49:57 +1000, Mark Constable <markc at renta.net> said:

    Mark> On Fri, 26 Mar 2004 02:09 pm, Pete Bessman wrote:
    >> ...  2) Walk through your massive library of samples and try
    >> different sounds.  ...  [Chris] > > Of course, there are tons
    >> and tons of samples available; but then, > > in order to
    >> express the music you're hearing in your head, you're > > gonna
    >> be spending hours and hours trying to find samples that > >
    >> work.

    Mark> Where might all these samples be ?

    Mark> A few of us are trying to put together a free and open
    Mark> General MIDI compatible set of GUS pats, initially, in a way
    Mark> that the raw samples can be built up into SoundFonts or even
    Mark> small light weight gigasamples, or instrument patches of any
    Mark> kind.

    Mark> Please excuse the blatant plug but I believe this is a good
    Mark> cause and we _need_ (at first) free and open source samples
    Mark> to suit GM/GS/XG instruments at http://freepats.opensrc.org

Mark, I didn't know about this project.  It's  really useful. I gave a
short try to the patch  set and made up a  draft Debian package out of

You can apt-get it at:

deb http://apt.agnula.org/buildd/autorelease/ ./

If   you find them interesting  here  there  are  some sound fonts for
Fender Rhodes:


It seems they are GPL.



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