[linux-audio-user] Help for isisalsa driver coding

Felipe Sologuren sologuren at estudiohum.cl
Wed Mar 31 15:29:43 EST 2004

	Sorry by my english.
	I'm request for people could help in coding of isisalsa driver (for 
Guillemot Maxistudio Isis). I'm not a developer, only entusiast user, 
and people developing in this project "know little of alsa coding rules" 
and/or got little time.
	The status is only playback and still have bugs for work with alsa 
applications, this is the area for my request. The reversing is complete.
	Maybe the card isn't a professional audio device, but offer the 
possibility of several users to switch their environment to linux (for 
me it does) and cause guillemot closed win2k/xp support for this card.

	Feel free to forward (please).


Thanks for hear us ;)

Felipe Sologuren
Sound Engineer

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