[linux-audio-user] snd-atiixp - ATI SoundMAX

Luke Yelavich luke at audioslack.com
Wed Mar 31 18:49:30 EST 2004

Hi Mark
I dare say that it uses the intel8x0 ALSA driver, as these SoundMax cards 
are generally AC97 based.

Hope this helps


At 08:54 AM 1/04/2004, Mark Knecht wrote:
>    A new laptop I got uses somethign called SoundMAX under Windows. 
> dyne:bolic boots and brings up Alsa running something called snd-atiixp, 
> and lspci showing a bunch of ATI chips, but looking on the Alsa page I'm 
> not finding ATI.
>    Can someone point me towards the correct configuration page on Alsa 
> for this sound chip?

Luke Yelavich
luke at audioslack.com

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