[linux-audio-user] Linux and Standards

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Mon Nov 1 16:15:09 EST 2004

On Mon, Nov 01, 2004 at 02:04:36PM -0600, Jan Depner wrote:
> No disrespect intended to Richard Stallman and the GNU crowd.  The OS
> wouldn't exist without those tools but the tools are not part of the
> OS.  They are merely applications that are bundled in with the
> distribution.
> Given the more widely accepted definition of an operating system I think
> it is perfectly acceptable to speak of Linux as a standard.

This is a gray area, but I think that you cannot just say that the gnu 
tools are _not_ a part of the operating system.

Would you say that the startup scripts are _not_ a part of the OS ?
All the startup scripts that I've seen rely are parts of gnu coreutils.

I think that qualifies as being _part_ of the OS.

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