[linux-audio-user] Noob question about soundfonts & synths

John Check j4strngs at bitless.net
Wed Nov 3 17:36:23 EST 2004

On Wednesday 03 November 2004 01:45 pm, Mark Wilson wrote:
> Looked at hammersound.net, downloaded a couple of
> .sf2's, successfully loaded with qsynth, played with
> cool sounds in rosegarden4 and with plain ol' pmidi on
> the CLI.  Having lots of fun! :-D
> The question:  what's a pad, in the context of
> softsynths?
> TIA,
> Mark

If you're talking about patchnames ie "Choral Pad" it's fairly 
literal. Pads are relatively lush sounds generally played chordally
that serve to fatten up an arrangement.

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