[linux-audio-user] success/failures with M Audio / Edirol Firewire cards ?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Nov 8 11:45:33 EST 2004

Olivier Kaloudoff hat gesagt: // Olivier Kaloudoff wrote:
> 	Some previous posts made me think that the specs were all open,
> but the freebob developpers probably did not managed to get them all due 
> to an NDA.

The NDA is no real problem here. The manufacturer of the chip is
supporting developers with hardware (soon) and some more indepth docs
only available through NDA (in the works). But the driver will be a
GPL'd ALSA driver, AFAIK.

> 	As I really really want to use advanced sound hardware with my
> Linux Laptop, would you know if there is a project like "Linuxant" or
> ndiswrapper, that would allow people to use the Winblows driver under 
> linux ? (I'm doing this already for my Wifi broadcom based pcmcia card)

Worse than an NDA. For using Windows drivers, MS-Windows is a much
better system and it's not even free software. ;)

If you need an advanced mobile card now, buy an USB-2.0 or a supported
PCMCIA card like the RME. If it absolutely has to be FW you will need
to be patient and wait a while until Bob is freed.

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