[linux-audio-user] Re: linux-audio-user Digest, Vol 14, Issue 22

Michele Spinolo michele.spinolo at tin.it
Mon Nov 8 12:36:10 EST 2004

> > I have a audio workstation running with 3 Terratec EWS88D cards,
> > which provides only digital I/O.
> >
> > I'm thinking to upgrade my PC adding an analog capable card, which
> > will be used primarly for D/A conversion.  I'm thinking about
> > Terratec EWS88MT which could be found for a quite cheap price both
> > new or used, but I understand it's a quite old card.
> Buy it! It's a very good high end card, should work with ALSA and it's
> not that old. With Linux, very new hardware often isn't supported yet,
> so buying about one year in the past is always recommended. And the
> Terratec card is still very up to date.
> Ciao
> -- 
>  Frank Barknecht                               _ ______footils.org__

Good news here!:-)

It will be used as the output stage of a real-time convolution machine, so
Hi-Fi quality DAC would be needed.
I noticed declared S/N ratio is 110db, I was wondering if this performance
is enough for hi-fi audio quality.


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