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luke at chipcity.com.au luke at chipcity.com.au
Sat Nov 13 20:00:20 EST 2004


It's great to hear what one can do with just Linux based music tools.
I was impressed by your song and their are a couple of improvements in terms of song that I'd suggest.

1. The very start, begin with Harmonica to introduce the instrument.
2. Go easy on the toms in each second bar of your phrase (leave them out, vary them, make them *less* obvious).
3. Add vocal harmony in 3rd chorus (keep listener interested.

my 2pence,

kind regards,

13Nov2004 @ 07:46 Dave Phillips thusly spake
> Greetings:
>  I've placed on-line a song I wrote and recorded with the help of 
> Ardour, TiMidity, DOSemu & Seq+, a bunch of LADSPA plugins, a guitar, a 
> harmonica, and my dulcet-toned vocal. It's here if you'd like to check 
> it out:
>    http://linux-sound.org/ardour-songs.html
>  I'll be adding more pieces to the page Real Soon Now, but at least 
> it's a beginning... :)
> Best,
> dp

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