[linux-audio-user] [(nowhere)] USB Dance mat

Jamie Guinan guinan at bluebutton.com
Sun Nov 14 01:19:30 EST 2004

On Sat, 13 Nov 2004, Laura Conrad wrote:

> >>>>> "Jamie" == Jamie Guinan <guinan at bluebutton.com> writes:
>     Jamie> On Sat, 13 Nov 2004, Laura Conrad wrote:
>     >> I got a USB mat from Level6 to use with pydance, and it looks like the
>     >> system is recognizing it as a joystick, but I can't get it to read any
>     >> events.  I checked it on a Windows 98 system, and it has no problem
>     >> seeing the button events, so I think the hardware is probably OK.
>     Jamie> I have the same mat (2 of them in fact).   Do you have the EMS usb
>     Jamie> adapter?
> No, that was probably a mistake.  They have a  USB mat without an
> adaptor now, and that's what I bought.  That is, it isn't a PS2 mat;
> it plugs directly into the USB.

I wouldn't call it a mistake just yet.  I'm also running kernel 2.6.9 with 
no problems (Red Hat before, gentoo now), but with the EMS USB + PS2 pads.  
The kernel seems to at least see your device, and it shows a sane number 
of buttons, so that's a start.

What does "ls -l /dev/js0" show?

I'm using udev, and my device shows up like this,

$ ls -l /dev/input/js0
crw-r--r--  1 root root 13, 0 Sep 24 22:22 /dev/input/js0


p.s. I love the dance games, but I also imagine that dance pads could make 
a very interesting control/input device for live music!

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