[linux-audio-user] Re: [ardour-users] more music with Ardour

Sebastian Gutsfeld segoh at gmx.net
Wed Nov 17 06:44:22 EST 2004

"Reuben Martin" <MartinR at jbu.edu> writes:

> Ok, I can't help myself. I'm throwing in a song as well. This song is
> from a 10 song recording project I just finished, all origional
> stuff. CD is comming out in the very near future. All
> editing/mixing/mastering/FX done using a linux box and OSS. Enjoy.
> http://students.jbu.edu/martinr/LAU_demo.ogg

Wow, sounds great! The only thing missing are the groaning (don't know
if this is the right verb) wooden chairs of the musicians like in
Refused's "the apollo programme was a hoax" ;-)


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