[linux-audio-user] Re: [ardour-users] more music with Ardour

Reuben Martin MartinR at jbu.edu
Wed Nov 17 09:15:24 EST 2004

>>Ok, I can't help myself. I'm throwing in a song as well. This song is from a 10 song recording project I just finished, all origional stuff. CD is comming out in the very near future. All editing/mixing/mastering/FX done using a linux box and OSS. Enjoy.
>Outstanding ! Excellent recording, good song, very engaging singer... 
>loved the breakout near the end, made this gloomy Ohio morning a finer 
>day... :)
>Can you tell us more about how you did this, what software, hardware, et 
>cetera ?

Ok, The recording part was done in a recital hall. (The noise floor from the ventalation system was awful) I used mics from a collection of very nice condenser mics, did a very small amount of adjusting things like eq, downward expansion, hormonic generator etc. before sending to ADAT tape. At that time I wasn't comfortable with recording directly to Ardour, it was still too buggy and I was afraid I might loose things, and be totally screwed. Ardour is getting to the point where I might use it to record directly onto harddrive in the future.

>From there on everthing was on the computer. I dumped to computer via ADAT connection on my RME9632 PAD. I edited things with Audacity. (For instance, on two songs the bass timing was off and I had to chop it up note by note, adjust the timings, and stich it all back together seamlessly. yuck.) I did some filtering of the room noise on tracks with Gnome Wave Cleaner, a very buggy program that works well when it works. >From there I mixed using Ardour, using various LADSPA plugins for inserts when needed, and mastered with Jamin.

BTW: I did the album art on Linux too. Mostly Gimp, but also a little bit of Inkscape and Scribus.


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