[linux-audio-user] Cheesetracker (or any other tracker) tempo questions

Tommi Sakari Uimonen tuimonen at cc.hut.fi
Sun Nov 21 15:28:08 EST 2004

>   How do we do this in Cheesetracker? We've managed to load Acid
> loops, creat instruments out of them, insert them into a pattern and
> then play the pattern. (I was blind. My kid really reads menus and
> gets what's there more quickly than I do sometimes. Cool!) However,
> when we play a couple of loops against each other within the same
> pattern they play at their default rates and they are not in time with
> each other. This is stopping us from making any real song.
>   I imagine that it's possible, probably, to do some sort of
> resampling of every loop in the library to move them all to the same
> tempo, but that would be a huge undertaking and would require you to
> choose a specific tempo. What happens when you decide 98BPM isn't
> right and you want 102BPM??

I've done this many times by hand, so if you are willing to spend some 
time tweaking, here is the procedure:

First, select the desired speed for the loop. That is, set the C5 Freq 
(from Samples->Format) to something like 44100 (if it was sampled at 44100 
for instance).

Then insert C5 to the pattern and use tempo (T) and speed (A) effects to 
adjust the playspeed so that one pattern is just the length of the sample. 
Press F6 to play the pattern in loop so you can hear that the sample loops 
perfectly. T is more 'fine-tuning' than A, so set A first so that the 
sample is almost the length of the pattern. and then adjust T. If the 
sample still doesn't loop correctly, start adjusting the C5 Freq by small 

Feel free to ask more if you didn't get this.


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