[linux-audio-user] Re: Problem starting ecamegapedal v0.4.3

Paul Berry pnberry at gustavus.ak.us
Mon Nov 22 15:35:34 EST 2004


Thank you very much for the info, now I can access the 2nd soundcard without a 

Might I respectfully suggest adding some clarification or example of how to 
use the alsa (alsa, alsahw, alsa,plughw) input and output options for 
ecamegapedal in the ecamegapedal manpage... I was clueless.

Thank you for an awesome piece of Linux audio software by the way. 
Ecamegapedal and the LADSPA plugins can turn even a 200MHz Pentium pro into a 
great effects box.


>> I'm hopingthat someone out there can help me with this problem.
>> I have ecamegapedal installed on a Redhat 8.0 box with 2 sound cards. The 
>> $ecamegapedal -i:alsahw,1,0 -o:alsahw,1,0
>> $ecamegapedal -i:alsa,snd-card-1 -o:alsa,snd-card-1 
>> (snd-card-1 is the alias used in modules.conf and .asoundrc)
>The -i and -o options are ecasound options and not understood by 
>ecamegapedal. Try:
>ecamegapedal alsa alsa
>ecamegapedal alsahw,1,0 alsahw,1,0
>ecamegapedal alsa,plughw:1 alsa,plughw:1
>Those should all work.

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