[linux-audio-user] Re: Edirol UM-1S weird behaviour

Christoph Eckert mchristoph.eckert at t-online.de
Mon Nov 22 17:27:22 EST 2004


first of all, thanks for your detailed help.

> You have two kernel drivers for USB MIDI devices.
> * 'snd-usb-audio' is the ALSA module containing the drivers
> for Audio and MIDI USB devices.
> * 'usb-midi' is the OSS/Free module for USB MIDI devices
> only. * 'audio' is the OSS/Free module for USB Audio
> devices. You can have both modules compiled and installed,
> but you should only use one of them at a time. ALSA does
> not need the OSS/Free modules. It can do OSS emulation
> using it's own resources.

OK, very weird. Since I have installed Gentoo, ALSA never die 
restore the last settings of alsamixer. After every reboot, 
all channels have been down and muted.

> Both drivers want to be loaded and claim the device if you
> have hotplug installed. To "blacklist" one of them, insert
> a line with the module name in the file
> /etc/hotplug/blacklist.


Thanks a lot again.

I blacklisted usb-midi, and now, after a reboot, alsa does not 
start anymore.

I just telephoned with a friend, and we found out that the 
device was listed in 


so the module was always loaded after pluggin in the UM-1S.

I removed the module file manually from the modules directory, 
and after a reboot, everything seems to be fine - even my 
alsamixer settings are restored!

The presence of usb-midi and snd-usb-audio seems to have 
caused a really messed up setup.

I'm just building a new kernel with all OSS stuff disabled (I 
really do not expect to need any of the OSS drivers), and I 
hope this will bring me a great success.

Thanks for all of your hints, if I do any important and 
successful step, I'll keep you informed.

 Thanks a lot & kind regards


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