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criscabello . criscabello at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 16:48:10 EST 2004

hi all!!

my name is criscabello and i´m from brasil. please excuse my poor english.

at first, i'd like to thank all of you linux audio developers who made
it possible for us to work with free plataforms. all of us,
brazilians, are very pleased with the result of all your work.

let me explain.

i work in a government project called "pontos de cultura" (points of
culture), and it is based in the distribuition of media stations with
free software to some places who are in a state of digital, or social,
exclusion at this time (but not much longer, we hope). this project
has a national scope, and in the beggining of 2005 will be distribute
more than a hundred (100) media kits, with projections of distributing
another thousand (1000) in the next two years!

last saturday our group had a meeting with our minister of culture,
gilberto gil, to showcase some softwares for media production (like
ardour, audacity, hydrogen, jack, alsa driver, cinerrela, kino,
etc...), and he was totaly convinced about the possibilities of our
free software media production kit. He also understood the power of
collaboration based work and open source development - this article
from wired magazine 
(http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/12.11/linux.html) says more about
the minister.

oficialy, gil represents our nation, and his opinion represent all
Brazilian's voices!

at the end of our meeting, we recorded one of his songs using ardour,
gil is a popular singer in brazil (and the world) and this was his
first recording using free software. during the session the only thing
in my mind was: thank you so much paul davis and all the developer

you all can listen to the song (and sample and remix it if you like,
it is distributed under a creative commons license) from here:

 in ogg format: http://banto.hipatia.info/maquina-de-ritmo.ogg
 in mp3 format: http://www.pirex.com.br/pirexmp3/maquina-de-ritmo.mp3

this e-mail is to tell everyone that this is just the beginning, we
have much work to do together (can you imagine the demands from all of
these people working with our free platform?). and i'm so glad for
this  momment.

thank you so much.

ps. please foward this message for the developments lists.

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