[linux-audio-user] trying to get midi working to run rosegarden

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Fri Nov 26 22:32:57 EST 2004

Last Saturday 27 November 2004 03:09, airplays55 at yahoo.com was like:
> I've been trying to get rosegarden v2.1 working on
> knoppix HD install (to ultimately be remastered to my
> custom liveCD).

My first question is Rosegarden-2.1 on Knoppix, why?
I think you're doing this the hard way.

> The Knoppix liveCD autoconfigures almost everything
> automatically (video, network card, soundcard audio)
> but not the soundcard MIDI portion.  I believe knoppix
> is using the OSS driver to be able to run rosegarden
> 2.1

Usually you have to specify the MIDI port when you load the sound module, 
whether that's the ALSA or OSS module (don't load both, whatever you do!)
[man insmod or man modprobe].

> By booting with the ALSA cheatcode, knoppix liveCD
> supposedly boots up using the ALSA drivers. The
> problem is that I've not found anyone that got
> rosegarden working with the midiports, whether using
> ALSA or OSS. Since I'm experimenting with a harddisk
> install however, I will be able to install any missing
> libraries & modules.  However in looking at the
> rosegarden4 tutorial ch.2, I dont know where to begin
> since a lot of the ALSA modules are not installed,
> however hopefully I wouldnt need ALSA if I can get
> midi working under OSS for rosegarden 2.1?

I'm sure you don't need ALSA to run Rosegarden-2.1, it's _very_ old ;-]
Rosegarden4 is a complete modern KDE based reworking, which requires ALSA/Jack 
to run. It is really cool. Reading its documentation won't help you one bit 
with RG-2.1 however.

> I'm not sure where to begin since rosegarden v2.1 says
> /dev/sequencer is invalid.  Can somebody please offer
> a suggestion of a starting point to help get me on the
> track to troubleshoot and get rosegarden working?  thanks.

What soundcard are you using?
output of:
explain what you're hoping to achieve :-]


tim hall

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