[linux-audio-user] USB footswitch ? and software support

Francois Isabelle isabellf at sympatico.ca
Sun Nov 28 09:41:56 EST 2004

Francois Isabelle wrote:

> Anyone knowns of an input device (some specialized USB joystick maybe 
> ...) that could be use as a multiple  effect switch for a linux PC ?
> I don't know if this exist yet, but I can certainly see software 
> support in "jack-rack" for instance to enable/disable effect.. a 
> footswitch made of a winmang "Rumble Pad" for instance could also be 
> use to control the selected slider ...
> Would that be of use to anyone ?
> Frank
Should have googled a little bit ...

anyone tried one of these ??

125$ seems a bit expensive for a 3 button foot switch ... better build 
my own ..

What about software support ?

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