[linux-audio-user] Decent reverb, and DSP in hardware?

Florin Andrei florin at andrei.myip.org
Tue Feb 1 02:53:40 EST 2005

On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 19:39 +0100, Wolfgang Woehl wrote:

> Let's say that convolution comes close. Can you relate to, say the 
> impulse response of the Cathedral of Reims? You'd remember your frozen 
> nose from sitting there. If you had played an instrument in there like 
> its organ that would have made an inspirational difference. Choosing 
> "cath_reims.ir" from a list of presets instead ... well, wouldn't that 
> be a bit thin?

I think you're dangerously close to saying that recorded music sucks and
only the live one is "true music". :-)

Anyway, yeah, i listened to all kinds of records with pre-classic music
played on organs. It was pretty cool, sort of. But then i listened to
The Real Thing, a true, breathing organ at Biserica Neagra (The Black
Church) in Brasov, Romania. It blew my mind. Light years ahead of any
canned music.

Unfortunately, not everyone can go to the Cathedral of Reims or to
Biserica Neagra whenever they feel like. Hence, the need for procedures
that emulate that sound. And you know what? If i record music live in
the cathedral, and then i record the same music in the studio but then
run it through convolution, and the sound is the same, who cares?
It's just recorded music in both cases. It does not compare with live
performance. But if it sounds the same, who cares? (and, with modern
reverbs, it will sound pretty damn much the same on a CD)

Florin Andrei


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