[linux-audio-user] Using Midi Controller with the kamix (qamix) Mixer

Esben Stien b0ef at esben-stien.name
Tue Feb 1 06:25:59 EST 2005

By mistake, I first sent this to alsa-user

I'm trying to use my bcf2000 controller to control qamix (kamix).

My problem is what to put into the different fields. I've tried many
combinations without luck.

The physical FADER_TRACK_1 on my bcf2000 gives me this data with amidi

#amidi -p hw:1,0,0 -d

BA 09 01
BA 09 02
BA 09 03

.. and qsynth and ardour reports channel 11 

input: Channel 11 Controller 9 Value 1
input: Channel 11 Controller 9 Value 2
input: Channel 11 Controller 9 Value 3

So far, great, but midicsv reports:

0, 0, Header, 0, 1, 384
1, 0, Start_track
1, 0, Tempo, 500000
1, 859, Control_c, 10, 9, 1
1, 920, Control_c, 10, 9, 2
1, 952, Control_c, 10, 9, 3
1, 1838, End_track
0, 0, End_of_file

What is strange is that midicsv reports events happening on channel 10
while qsynth and ardour reports channel 11. I have no redirects set up

So I'm left with either channel 10 or 11, controller 9. I would assume
putting something like this into the element part of the config file.

<midi index="0" type="10" ch="10" param="09" sign="1" />

<midi index="0" type="10" ch="11" param="09" sign="1" />

I've tried very many combinations, but none gives any effect to kamix

Type 7 is volume control according to the standard midi controller cc
numbers. In the docs of kamix (qamix) it states that this number (7)
is used for "note off".

Well, I gave standard midi cc numbers a shot:

<midi index="0" type="7" ch="11" param="09" sign="1" />

.. to no luck. 

I used qjackctl to connect the midi ports after each config change. 

I'm missing something fundamental here; do you have any idea?

Esben Stien is b0ef at esben-stien.name
[sip|iax]:b0ef at esben-stien.name

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