[linux-audio-user] [OT] disk recovery problem

Cournapeau David cournape at enst.fr
Tue Feb 1 08:07:06 EST 2005

Kristian Rink wrote:

>Hi David;
>On Mon, 31 Jan 2005 14:45:28 +0900
>David Cournapeau <cournape at enst.fr> wrote:
>>partition is not mounted for sure, and I tried several other tempory 
>>locations, without any success. The "funny" part is that a fsck.ext3 
>>/dev/hda12 doesn't give me any error when I check the filesystem
>>(which let me some hope about the possible recovery).
>Have you tried booting off a live cd (like Knoppix) and accessing the 
>partition from there? 
I don't need it, because all my system partitions are fine. Only the two 
last partition, where there are some audio and work data, refused to be 

>You might want to check out gpart to guess partition beginning/end
>boundaries. In worst case, you might try an "mke2fs -S" followed by an
>e2fsck in that drive (chances are you get some data off this one). But
>overally I don't really think this is an issue caused by a broken
>partition table. How does cfdisk see the drive in question?
I think it is a partition table problem because I had the problems after 
having modified it through cfdisk. And the weird thing is that I could 
check the fs on the partition (a forced check didn't give any errors).

In fact, now that my problem is solved, I think I forgot to reboot after 
having modified the partition table; worse, I built a filesystem on the 
modified partition before rebooting, maybe a 40 Gb fs on a 2 Gb partition !

I didn't know how to use gpart on the extended partition.

What I did is just removing all the partitions from the partition table, 
and set the partitions where I knew the beginning/end. It worked, and I 
quickly copied all data on an external hard drive before reformating the 
partitions where the fs size and the partition size were different.

Thanks for you help,


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