[linux-audio-user] Switching from a MOTU828mk2 to RME Cards?

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Tue Feb 1 09:41:45 EST 2005

Last Tuesday 01 February 2005 02:46, Josh Henne was like:
>  About a month ago I was introduced to Agnula and Linux in general and to
> make things short I'm making an attempt to switch to Linux for audio work.
> So I've sold all my commercial VSTs, MAX/MSP, and will move to Csound, PD
> and Audacity. The only things left to do are to buy a combo DVDrw/cdrw
> drive, switch my cpu, ram and HD's over to a Shuttle lunchbox sized PC (for
> a less noisy system) and find a replacement for my MOTU 828 MK2. I am
> gearing towards an RME Hammerfall card and a behringer A8000 adat
> interface. Or would I be better off getting a PCMCIA adapter and going for
> the cardbus interface and Multiface? This is incase I get a laptop in the
> future.

Full on, I admire your bravery.

> Too bad MOTU products aren't supported.

Too bad MOTU don't support Linux


tim hall

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