[linux-audio-user] WIKI CALL

MarC marc_contrib at ramonvinyes.es
Tue Feb 1 19:05:01 EST 2005

Randy Kramer and me started setting up a wiki to collect user 
experiences with soundcards in linux this december.

I have finished a first draft with instructions about how to add a new 
LAU: I have seen many posts asking for soundcard advice and explaining 
features and support for many cards. It would be nice to collect this 
knowledge at the wiki...

The main page is:

Here there is the page for my audigy card:

There is a template to create a new entry at:

It is not intended to replace any of the classic great pages of 
documentation but to link them, add/change these links dynamically, and 
allow visitors to add up-to-date comments.

Hope it can be useful... I think it's not difficult that we add each of 
us our card in order to have a good knowledge of the used cards under 
linux. Any contributions out there? Feel free to add links to this page ;)

Finally, if you consider that something(or a lot of things) can be 
improved, feel free to email me.


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