[linux-audio-user] Laptops for audio

Bengt Gördén bengan at sunet.se
Wed Feb 2 03:55:08 EST 2005


I'm using my laptop to make some music. At home I planning to buy a
computer with enough power to host a lot of music software. But when
I'm away from home I'd like to use my laptop. The thing is that
according to the specification on my laptop it would be enough power
to run lots of demanding software. But there is, for example,
Rosegarden and I have problem with xruns when I try to run that. I
have an ACER Ferrari 3000 (a damned hot bastard that makes me wonder
if the ACER community doesn't have a fertility problem if they really
have this thing in their lap ;-) that has an Athlon-XP-M 1800+. I had
a lousy HD in it that i changed but that only boosted the memory-to-HD
performance. I seem to have other problems. The graphic is one
thing. I have done all the things for real time performance and other
stuff to get down the latency but still there is performance
problem. It seems to be connected to jack but I'm not really sure. It
would be interesting to here about other people who have set up
laptops for music production. 

If there's already a site or compiled list of systems and how they
perform I would be delighted to be pointed to it. But if it's not it
would be nice if we could start a thread with how laptops are
performing as music stations.

Here's my system

       Model: ACER Ferrari 3000
   Soundcard: VT8233/A/8235/8237 (yeah I know. crap)
          OS: Linux/Gentoo
      Kernel: 2.6.10-gentoo-r4
       Audio: ALSA
Audio-server: Jack-0.99.0-r1

      Latency: Haven't had time to test this yet.
Disk capacity with a Hitachi 5400, HTS548080M9AT00
       Output: 19.6Mbit/s (measured with bonnie++)
        Input: 34.7 Mbit/s (measured with bonnie++)

Music related software and their versions

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