[linux-audio-user] Sound software that works in WINE

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Wed Feb 2 09:44:24 EST 2005

These are not free but if you have them under windows, they work just fine in 

Tabledit, tabledit viewer (tablature editor and player, abc import, etc. -- A 
good application.)

Abcmus (abc editor/player)

Harbal (Equalization to improve audio, compare to stuff you like--I was quite 
surprized when this one played! Misidentifies the sound card but plays! The 
only audio app so far I found usable and in real time yet.)

XGEdit (If you have an XG sound card, this one is handy. Caveat--the rightmost 
column of button showing the voices does not appear because the author is 
playing a few tricks, I suppose. Still usable to an extent, however.)

These are free:

AnalogX VPiano (computer keyboard plays MIDI. Could probably be of use using 
jack if this works correctly in WINE).

DBPowerAmp music converter (Convert wav <--> MP3 -- works on right click or 
standalone under Windows, standalone using WINE. Very useful!)

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