[linux-audio-user] Voiceover project

Brett W. McCoy idragosani at chapelperilous.net
Wed Feb 2 15:21:29 EST 2005

Jon Morin wrote:

> I need to do some voiceover work, and I was wondering if there was an
> application or a set of apps to do this with Linux.  The video I was
> given is an MPEG file, and I need to redo the voiceovers of the
> presentation.  The only voiceover work I have done was in Windoze with
> Sonar 3, which I don't have access to anymore.  I can think of a few
> ways of doing this (coming up with an EDL, recording the voice, and
> editing with Audacity or something).  What I really want is an
> application that will let me easily replace the audio track of a video
> with another (preferably with a GUI).  I know that I can use tools
> like mplayer to dump out just the video and mencoder to re-encode, but
> if there is an easier tool (more automated), I'd like to check it out.
>  Thanks.

Cinelerra is probably the closest thing to a GUI you can use for this 
kind of thing on Linux.  It will let you edit and synchronize separate 
audio and video streams (and supports LADSPA plugins).  You will need to 
convert the video into Quicktime first, however (using something like 
Quicktime Pro or quicktime4linux), and then import into Cinelerra.  I 
just had a small project where I needed to merge a preexisting audio 
file with a short 10 second animation, and the animation had to loop 
repeatedly for the duration of the audio.  Cinelerra worked very well 
for this.
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