[linux-audio-user] usb-usx2y driver

Mark Constable markc at renta.net
Fri Feb 4 04:37:23 EST 2005

Clemens Ladisch wrote:
>>>> configure: error: Unknown soundcard usb-usx2y
>>>Is this a 64-bit machine?
>>Yes it is, and Gentoo is the distro FWIW.

> The alsa-kernel/usb/Kconfig file says:
> | config SND_USB_USX2Y
> | 	tristate "Tascam US-122, US-224 and US-428 USB driver"
> | 	depends on SND && USB && (X86 || PPC || ALPHA)
> AFAIK the restrictions are intended to prevent running on
> architectures that don't support DMA mappings in the way this driver
> uses them.  However, there shouldn't be much of a difference between
> x86 and x86-64 in this regard.
> You could try to replace the depends line with
> 	depends on SND && USB
> and then recompile the driver (see "Compilation from CVS sources" in
> the INSTALL file).

I have tried this several times now and I am still getting the
same error... I edited...


and absolutely have only "depends on SND && USB" and then I do...

        ./configure --with-cards=usb-usx2y
checking for which soundcards to compile driver for... configure: error: Unsupported soundcard usb-usx2y

I've tried "usbusx2y" and just usx2y and usb_usx2y etc.

Any more clues for the clueless ?


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