[linux-audio-user] Ardour in linux Journal....AGAIN...

Jamie Guinan guinan at bluebutton.com
Fri Feb 4 11:41:38 EST 2005

On Fri, 4 Feb 2005, Timothy Alan Gorman wrote:

> Just got my march issue.. ARDOUR on the cover.. YEAH BABY YEAH....
> but there is some confusion..
> the author writes that the m0audio delta66 has "12" input channels.. ?
> (page 65 under the qjackctl image)
> I don't get it.. are they digital inputs?
> I thought them-audio had 4x4 ...?

As I understand it, the 4 analog inputs + 2 SPDIF inputs divide into 2 
channels (left/right) each, so you could record 12 tracks at once.  But 
you could also think of it as 6 channels with left/right pan on each.

I seem to remember reading that the audio capture always comes over the
PCI bus as 12 channels, but alsa's plughw can reduce it to 2.


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