[linux-audio-user] soundfile player question

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Fri Feb 4 13:37:13 EST 2005

this from the amarok site:

> *4. * 	
> What kind of tricks can the Playlist Window
> <http://amarok.kde.org/component/option,com_staticxt/staticfile,playlist-window.html>
> do?
> Holding *Control* and clicking the right mouse button enqueues files
> in the order in which you clicked them.

and this is a command-line option for amarok:

> -a, --append          Append Files/URLs into the playlist.

so, i guess if you've got someway of having amarok called with the
"--append" switch when a user clicks on an mp3 link, then you'd have
your enqueing.

hope this helps.


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