[linux-audio-user] Re: Decent reverb

davidrclark at earthlink.net davidrclark at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 4 17:44:20 EST 2005

Hi Tim,

> Over-the-top reverbs have their uses, however, they do have to be pleasing
> to ear.

Absolutely.  I've created some electronic music tunes and appreciate this
use of reverb. But it's better in my experience to listen to these over-the-top
reverbs (which essentially create a new instrument from an existing one)
in good rooms or alternatively with a good room acoustics model.  When
I refer to "reverb," I'm actually talking about room acoustics, including
reverb.  There is also a phenomenon referred to as binaural listening, which
you may have heard of.

In other posts, I've referred to this as "stereo separation."  Many people
familiar with binaural listening, including myself, will tell you that
this is the best "stereo" or "surround sound" that they've ever heard,
bar none.  Although in the past, binaural recordings have not been 
successful, I suspect this is because at the time it was tried, headphones
were very heavy and rather expensive on top of (not instead of) the cost
of speakers.  They may be commercially viable in the future with all 
the inexpensive, lightweight headphones around.

One of the advantages of calculated impulse response functions is that
binaural images are easily obtained from any monophonic recording --- and
as accurately as you want.


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