[linux-audio-user] Bass boost and Reverb

Mark Constable markc at renta.net
Sat Feb 5 05:16:04 EST 2005

If anyone cares to comment about this I would appreciate it
and it could be useful for other DAW novices. First, the
bass boost for 2 seconds here just rocks my socks... for my
tastes it is perfect.

Could anyone literally describe the technical details of
what it would take to get the kind of bottom end specifically
from 32 to 34 seconds, the first brief sound part ?


(the last 1/3 is over the top rubbish)

Secondly (shudder), the reverb applied from 40 seconds to
1:10 is also excellent. I don't care if it's real or the sound
of a forest, it just sounds commercially 'ken excellent to
my ears. Could anyone advise me how to get pretty well
exactly that kind of reverb on our favourite tux powered
OS with that same clarity and transparency ?

All the reverbs I've heard so far (but with minimal exposure
to all LADSPA plugins) sound unnatural and somewhat like "down
a drainpipe".


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