[linux-audio-user] New to list

Noah Roberts nroberts at reachone.com
Sat Feb 5 19:35:14 EST 2005

I just joined this list and figured I would introduce myself.  I have 
been using Linux for ~10 years or more but never really for the purpose 
of audio work.  I recently became reinterested in playing music and have 
since found that Linux audio has taken a few leaps since I started using 
it.  I will probably be asking for help getting my midi keyboard working 
and such (I just bought the connectors and have never done this before), 
but for now I have already used Linux to record several "songs" with 
ardour, hydrogen, and jack.

My soundclick site is http://www.soundclick.com/noahroberts/

I use Linux exclusively for everything but playing Tomb Raider and have 
for several years.  Lately I have had to use Windows for printing out 
powertabs though; maybe that will change soon.

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