[linux-audio-user] Re: Decent reverb

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Sun Feb 6 08:25:31 EST 2005

Last Friday 04 February 2005 18:20, Florin Andrei was like:
> On Fri, 2005-02-04 at 00:31 +0000, tim hall wrote:
> > None of this is to be taken as a diss on Freeverb or Gverb. They still
> > sound better than my old quadraverb!
> Wow, really?
> I never listened to the quadraverb, but i thought (based on hearsay)
> that it was in the "decent reverb" category.

It was in the '80's ;-)
Like everything else they have a couple of useful settings, but you can't 
really get away from that digital tinniness. I've been spoilt by Lexicons 
since. Generally speaking, I find the LADSPA collections very useable and 
pleasing to the ear. Suffice it to say I haven't bothered getting the old 
quadraverb repaired. However, I do find it hard to hit the 'right' reverb 
setting - and we are talking rooms not instrument sounds here.

So I'll be following the rest of these discussions with interest.

> Are there any quadraverb demos on the Internet? (i can listen to
> Freeverb myself)

Not that I'm aware of, sorry.

> > I want a virtual forest please ;-)
> No worries, just make sure to run it on appropriate hardware for real-
> time performance:
> http://www.sgi.com/products/servers/altix/configs.html
> :-)

point taken :-)

Actually, as I'm running on recycled hardware < 1GHz. I think the way forward 
for me might be to set up a dedicated dsp machine. Perhaps I could manage a 
leaf or two.


tim hall

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