[linux-audio-user] M-Audio cards, XLR inputs question

Phil Sexton philsexton at InfoAve.Net
Sun Feb 6 18:11:59 EST 2005

Hi listmembers,

Looking over the info here:

It looks as if the Delta 1010LT has 2 XLR inputs, whereas the Delta 1010
only has 1/4" jacks.


I have 1" condenser mics (AKG 3000B) which require phantom power.  I
assume neither card provides it.

Can owners of these cards confirm my assumptions?  What recommendations
would you give for me to purchase.

We have a 5 member band, two instruments have built in pickups, the harp
has a 1/2" condenser mic (I'm not sure if it is battery powered or
requires phantom power), all of the other instruments need miking
(Uilleann, Great Highland and shuttle bagpipes, anglo concertina,
fiddle, whistles, flutes, bodhran, bones and egg rattle).

I am building a box with Gentoo Linux intended for recording and


Our 2nd CD: http://www.cdbaby.com/naomisfancy
Naomi's Fancy performances: http://naomisfancy.virtualave.net/schedule.html

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